Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amazing X-Men #2

   While the X-Men concept can generally accommodate any kind of story, I find that I tend to prefer science fiction-based stories over fantasy or magic-based tales.

   Perhaps that's because of the fact that the mutation-based origin for the powers of the team members belongs in the category of sci-fi (or SF, if you prefer).

   Whatever the reason, what it comes down to is this: I'm not crazy about the storyline playing out in the new Amazing X-Men comic.

   I'm all for the ultimate aim of the story, which is (apparently) to restore Nightcrawler to the team (and the land of the living).

   And certainly the art by Ed McGuinness is outstanding.

   But the story takes members of the team (including the overworked Wolverine and Storm) through a mysterious portal, and some of them land in Hell (apparently), while others are in Heaven (also apparently).

   I don't mind visiting alien worlds or alternate dimensions, but the afterlife is a place that gets stomped on regularly in comics, and to treat it as just another challenge for our heroes to face seems to diminish the concept.

   Or maybe it's just that the whole thing seems silly.

   So far, the art has been the only reason to pick this one up - and while it's nice, that's not enough for me.

Grade: C+


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