Friday, December 6, 2013

Hellboy in Hell #5

   After a bit of a gap, we're back with yet another issue of Hellboy in Hell (which actually doesn't seem much different from Hellboy on Earth, but maybe that's just me).

    This is a phenomenal series, and as much as I'd like to see an issue ever month, it's well worth the wait between stories.

   This is a terrific "done in one" issue by writer and artist Mike Mignola, which follows our hero as he encounters a man trying to save his soul after making a bad bargain with a devil.

   It's a short, clever story set in a dark, gruesome place - lots of horror and lots of fun - a mix this title excels at.

   The art, of course, is exceptional - it's a real delight to see Mignola back at work here.

   Hellboy is consistently one of the best books around - what more do you need to know? If you're not buying this series, you're missing one of the best.

Grade: A


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