Monday, December 2, 2013

The Flash #25

   I've said this before, but I'm going to keep saying it until things change or this comic gets canceled: I love the Barry Allen version of the Flash, I wish this comic was tremendously popular and selling through the roof.

   But the sad fact of the matter is, the writing for this comic has been nothing but average since it was rebooted as part of the "New 52."

   The art has been another matter - it's been quite good, and this issue flourishes under the pencils of the always-outstanding Chris Sprouse and Francis Manapul.

   But the story - oy, where to start?

   Following the "Zero Year" format (wherein comics not selling so well try to tap into the Batman magic), here we have a story about Barry Allen before he gains his super-speed. He's doing a police internship (or something along those lines) in Gotham City (of all places), where he helps with the investigation into a mysterious new drug.

   The story's great moments has to do with a budding romance (one the present-day conics have virtually done away with, sadly). But the adventures of a non-powered, average guy like Barry just doesn't make for compelling comics.

   I keep supporting this comic, despite its shortcomings - but I keep wishing it would live up to its potential, and so far, I've been disappointed every single time.

   Maybe next issue.

Grade: C+


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