Saturday, November 16, 2013

Superman Wonder Woman #2

      As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of the Superman / Wonder Woman romance.

   It makes a certain kind of sense, considering that the two are the most powerful heroes on Earth - but while they work as a superhero team, it seems an odd match in personality.

   But who knows? Opposites attract, after all.

   This issue presents a mystery, as Superman's most powerful foe makes a surprise appearance and attacks Diana - and he's not the only unexpected villain on display.

   Weaving around that is the time-honored tradition of the girl bringing her beau home to meet the family. Thankfully, there are no other families like the Greek Gods, and Clark sees the good and bad side of his new relatives.

   (And perhaps it's just as well that Clark doesn't have any family to bring to the meeting - DC's Gods don't play well with others.)

   It's an entertaining issue, though it feels mighty thin. We only get a hint or two as to the source of the returning enemies, but so far the creative team are turning in excellent work - from Charles Soule's script to the excellent artwork by Tony S. Daniel, Batt and Sandu Florea.

   I'm still not buying the romance - but as long as the story continues to be fun, I'll accept it.

Grade: A-


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