Friday, November 15, 2013

Unity #1

   I should admit up front that I haven't been following the latest version of the Valiant Universe.

   (Sadly, one can't buy everything - at least not on my budget.)

   But I did follow the '80s incarnation, so I decided to give this crossover title a chance.

   So what did I think of Unity?

   Well... it definitely preserves the grim and gritty feel of the version I remember.

   The story teams up several different characters (I hesitate to call them heroes, because it's not clear if any of them are actually heroic) to take on Aric, the time-lost warrior who wears the powerful X-O Manowar armor.

   Aric has rescued the survivors of his race from an alien prison and settled in Romania, using his power to conquer the country. That has drawn the attention of some powerful opponents - but even working together, do they have enough power to bring down the man wearing the alien armor?

   Look, team-ups are always fun, as you see different heroes brought together - and this issue includes Harbinger, Nijak and the Eternal Warrior (with, presumably, more to come in future issues).

   But no one seems particularly worthy of the reader's concern. There's death and destruction aplenty, and X-O Manowar seems identical to any typical comic book villain - he doesn't hesitate to kill, he seems to delight in torture - his only redeeming act in this issue is not killing a photographer.

   But the other characters are just as determined and attack without making an attempt at, you know, actually talking to Aric.

   It's an action-packed issue, with quite a few surprises, some sharp dialogue and solid artwork - but it really feels like a relic from another time.

   Not bad at all, but not really my kinda comic.

Grade: B-



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