Sunday, November 17, 2013

All New Soulfire #1

   Aspen must be enjoying great success with its "10 for 10" campaign, because it keeps rolling out new series (or new versions of past series), offering the first issue for a dollar.

   It's a great deal and a good way to sample a title like All New Soulfire, and this issue provides a primer to the series.

   Set 200 years in the future, it's all about the clash between future technology and the mysteries of magic.

   The forces of magic gather around a young man known as the Samusura, his protector, the beautiful Grace, and his friends Sonia, PJ and Benoist.

   But danger threatens in the form of the ancient dark lord Rainier, who hopes to put an end to all magic - and our heroes.

   The story by J. T. Krul and Frank Mastromauro moves along briskly (although it's a lot for new readers to take in), and the art by V. Ken Marion is quite good, with lots of imaginative landscapes and lovely ladies on display.

   You don't get much more than in introduction here, but it's plenty to bring you up to speed - and it's all easy on the eyes!

Grade: B


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