Sunday, November 3, 2013

Green Lantern Annual #2

   This annual starts out with a couple of strikes against it. For one, it feels like just another issue of Green Lantern - shouldn't annuals be special?

   It's another one of those event stories that spills across all the GL-related titles - but I don't buy all of them, so presumably I missed parts of the story.

   But its biggest problem is that it sets up an impossible problem to solve - and then it doesn't solve it.

   The threat comes from the gigantic Relic, a scientist / survivor from a destroyed universe who's convinced that the various Lantern Corps are using up a limited amount of energy, and when it's used up, the universe will end.

   Relic is one of those menaces that no one can defeat - until it's time for him to be defeated. The story mixes in some assorted mythology (including some classic Kirby concepts) that seem a very odd fit for the Lantern mythology.

   The story wraps up with a few changes in the status quo - but not really. As always, it's the illusion of change - but what this series needs is some real change. It would be nice to see some stories about Hal Jordan the human, not the Hal who spends all his time on alien planets, surrounded by strange creatures.

   But DC seems committed to the Corps-centric stories. More's the pity.

Grade: C+


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