Saturday, November 2, 2013

Infinity #5 (of 6)

   Having finished one mini-series (Battle of the Atom) on a disappointing note, we turn now to the other event book rattling Marvel right now, the cosmic adventure Infinity.

   So far, I'm much more optimistic about this one providing a satisfying finale.

   For one thing, it's been mighty satisfying already, depicting the Avengers taking part in a galactic battle with the mysterious race known as The Builders.

   But even with that enemy on the ropes, there's another world-crushing opponent to deal with: Thanos, the mad god who is threatening to destroy the Earth.

   I'm very impress with the fine work by writer Jonathan Hickman. He's managed to weave this huge tale (with an equally-huge cast) through this title, The Avengers and the New Avengers book without missing a beat or a deadline.

   It feels like a classic Marvel tale, only bigger and bolder than anything that's gone before. It doesn't hurt to have excellent artists like Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver providing stunning visuals.

   As always, the trick with these series is for the creative team to stick the landing. Here's hoping!

Grade: A



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