Monday, November 4, 2013

The Fox #1

   It's been a while since I read a comic like The Fox.

   It's that most rare of beasts: an all-ages comic.

   It's fast, light-hearted, loaded with action and humor, a nasty villain, a few surprises - and it's a lot of fun!

   The Fox is a character who's actually been around a long time, first appearing in 1940, popping up a few times in the years since, but never really managing any lasting success.

   Now that Red Circle Comics has been revived, we're seeing the return of  heroes like The Fox, The Shield and The New Crusaders.

   The Fox really feels like a classic character - his secret identity is Paul Patton, a reporter / photographer has a knack for getting in trouble and attracting weirdos - and he manages both of those here, as he tackles an assortment of thugs and demons, all while cracking jokes.

   The story and art are by Dean Haspiel, and both are fun, kinetic and yes, a bit comical - in the best possible sense. The script is by Mark Waid, and that was enough to get me to pick up this issue.

   Look, it's not deep, it's not grim - it's just a fun comic. Would that there were more like it!

Grade: B+



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Glen Davis said...

I really enjoyed this myself. I'm hoping this line is successful enough we can see all the MLJ characters, especially Inferno.