Friday, November 8, 2013

Amazing X-Men #1

   I honestly don't understand the need for so many X-Men-related titles - yet here's another one: Amazing X-Men. (Come to think of it, Spider-Man isn't using the "Amazing" adjective these days.)

   Which is not to say this is a bad comic - it just seems like they didn't need to launch a new series to tell this story.

   I'm fine with the idea behind writer Jason Aaron's story - bringing Nightcrawler back to life and into active duty in the team.

   I've liked Kurt Wagner since his first appearance in the New X-Men, and I didn't care for his "death" at all (though obviously that's just a temporary thing in the world of comics). I also didn't care for some of the "adjustments" made to his origin, including giving him a demonic monster for a father.

   So guess who's back to terrorize Nightcrawler in his odd afterlife? Let's hope the plan is to sort out all that foolishness and get Nightcrawler back to his fun-loving self.

   I really like the artwork by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines, who specialize in big, bold art - but they also seem to throw in some style elements from the character's creator, Dave Cockrum - so that's nice to see.

   It's too early to tell if this is going to be a "must buy" or just another in a sea of X-Men comics - but at least the art is nice. And it's good to see the return of an old friend.

Grade: B+




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Dave Sopko said...

First X-Book that I have bought in years. Not counting Deadpools current solo title.

I loved this one. Loved that Nighty is back. Loved the art, and the sense of fun that came through with the script. The characters were familiar enough for me to not feel like I missed close to ten years of stories.

Looking forward to future issues of this book.