Saturday, November 9, 2013

Action Comics #25

   For the 25th issue, DC is turning back the clock to the "Zero Year" on several of its characters (tying it in to the successful mini-series running in Batman).

   So for Action Comics, it's back to the original "New 52" concept for the title, focusing on Superman at the beginning of his career before he wore a "proper" costume. Heck, he doesn't ever wear a cape in this story.

   It's fun to see Clark at this early stage - unsure of his powers, learning his craft and his limits, making mistakes but learning from it.

   But there are some stumbles. His glee at the misery of the hoods he's fighting seems out of character for someone as good-hearted as Clark.

   I like Greg Pak's story and the focus on one of my favorite (and often overlooked) members of the Superman cast: Lana Lang.

   I also like the art by Aaron Kruder, who creates some excellent action sequences and wonderful environments. My only complaint with his work is that I just don't care for his depiction of Lana - she's supposed to be a tomboy, but he makes her much too plain.

   The backup feature is a nice bit of work, too - sort of a "slice of life" focusing on Clark, with excellent art by Scott McDaniel.

   I actually wish they'd spend more time on the early Superman - he's much more interesting than the modern day version they've created.

Grade: B+



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