Thursday, November 7, 2013

Forever Evil #3 (of 7)

   Yeah, I'm still not feeling it.

   To its credit, this issue of Forever Evil finally explains what happened to the rest of the Justice Leagues that disappeared when the Crime Syndicate first appeared.

   But the focus is still on the bad guys, as the world's villains either join forces with the Syndicate (the evil Justice League from Earth-3) or decide to stand against them.

   So the issue features quite a bit of heel-on-heel action, including some brutal moments and harsh violence.

   It's a sharp script as always by Geoff Johns, and the art by David Finch and Richard Friend is powerful - but it still comes down to the fact that there are (virtually) no protagonists in view.

   When the world is filled with bad guys, it's difficult to find someone to cheer for.

   The comedian Jimmy Durante once said that he was tired of always losing bets at the race track, so one time he bought a ticket for every horse in the race. He watched the race and shouted, "Come on, anybody!"

   With this series, one is inclined to cheer, "Come on, nobody!"

Grade: B




Dave Sopko said...

I can totally understand your not having anyone to really "root" for. I have always liked The Rogues, and Capt Cold in particular. So, their involvement in the story got me to check this book out, and I am enjoying it so far.

Have also liked every variation of the CSA I have seen (even the animated one), so it is fun seeing them again.

Kyle said...

Chuck, "Come on, nobody!" is something I find myself thinking more and more these days (and not just in comics!)n With all these villains and anti-heroes I find myself drawn more and more to the "classics"... luckily this is like a golden age for reprints and I can find so many great stories I was not around for or missed the first time around.


Anonymous said...

This book honks...

Chuck said...

Dave, I also like the Rogues, and I confess I like the move to return Captain Cold closer to his original concept. I also liked the Crime Syndicate in their past appearances, but I don't care for this version, which is all about over-the-top murder and destruction. Not my cup o' tea.