Monday, September 30, 2013

Wonder Woman #23.2

   I've been mostly avoiding the "Villain Month" tie-ins from DC Comics - I suppose I'm more interested in the heroes than the bad guys.

   But this was an issue that held a lot of promise. It's written by Brian Azzarello (the writer who's done excellent work on the Wonder Woman title since it was rebooted with the "New 52"), and provides an origin story for the mysterious character only known as First Born.

   That's a welcome development, since we know almost nothing about the character (except that he's a fallen god, a powerhouse and very angry).

   Here we discover the reason for his anger, the prophecy that led to his exile, and the interesting (if grisly) mythological tale of his birth.

   As has become standard for this series, this isn't a tale for young readers - but it is a powerful tale.

    With strong artwork by Aco and the usual excellent script, it's one of the few "Villain Month" tales (that I've seen) worth tracking down.

Grade: B+


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