Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Executive Assistant: Assassins #15

   The question of morality is generally the element that seems to keep me from enjoying this series more.

   Of course, that shouldn't be a surprise when Executive Assistant: Assassins revolves around beautiful women who are trained to be the ultimate assassins.

   This blood-spattered issue focuses on Daisy (all the assassins are named after flowers), who struggles with her own sanity.

   As this issue written by Vince Hernandez ­demonstrates, it's a battle she's losing. In fact, it would be fair to categorize her as a villain, as she goes to great extremes to gain revenge - and to free herself from her tragic past. 

   The art is by Lori Hanson ­is solid with strong layouts, though it's a bit on the bloody and graphic side (this isn't a comic for kids).

   To be fair, the series doesn't make any pretense of focusing on heroes - the title makes it obvious.

    It's more of a personal preference of mine to read stories that focus on heroes. 

Grade: B-


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