Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy 6

   From time to time writer Brian Michael Bendis hauls out the classics - and this issue of Guardians of the Galaxy uses three of them.

   First, he uses the classic "heroes meet and fight because of a misunderstanding" bit to pit the mysterious Angela against the lethal Gamora (and then throws the rest of the team into the mix just for fun).

   Then he throws in a cameo by Thanos, one of the biggest bad guys in the Marvel Universe (on loan from the Infinity mini-series).

   Finally, he throws in a guest spot by Marvel's first cosmic entity, the enigmatic Watcher.

   It all adds up to another fun issue, although it doesn't really move the story forward much - the only real point is to show what an amazing fighter Angela is.

   The art chores are shared by Sara Pichelli (who does most of the issue) and Olivier Coipel (who tackles the Thanos sequence), and it's excellent - their styles don't really mesh, but the scenes are so different that it doesn't matter.

   My only complaint about this series is that it seems to be moving very slowly (despite the raucous battle in this issue) - but it's taking a long time to get the story of the Guardians against the galactic empire in gear.

   But that's another hallmark of Bendis - sometimes you have to be patient. The good news is, the story is almost always worth the wait.

Grade: A-


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