Monday, May 13, 2013

Wolverine #3

I've been critical of the body count in this new Wolverine series - mostly because the people getting killed have been (by and large) innocent bystanders.

Not much has changed with this issue - lots more people die (they are apparently being mind controlled), the mystery behind the controller deepens, and Wolverine continues to pursue the solution, with a assist by the (new) Nick Fury.

What I do like about this series written by Paul Cornell is that Wolverine isn't just depicted as a murderous, animal-like superhero. Instead, he's an intelligent, thoughtful character - he exercises surprising caution and gathers a group of... unusual... friends to help solve the mystery.

But the best thing about the issue is the artwork by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. Even on a silly fight with a bunch of Mandroids, the action is clear and dripping with energy. The layouts are creative and clever, and it's all in service to the story.

Next issue promises to resolve this storyline, which I'm all for. It seems wrong to complain about death in a Wolverine story, but I generally prefer that if characters die, they should (in some form or another) have it coming.

Grade: B+

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