Sunday, May 12, 2013

Justice League of America #3

I've always thought that team books had a definite advantage.

By mixing different characters and different personalities the writer has a never-ending supply of interesting possibilities for interaction, romance or conflict.

Unfortunately, in the new Justice League of America comic, it seems that all we get is the latter.

Which is to say, none of the characters get along, seem to like each other or are generally admirable at all.

To make matters worse, the entire foundation of the team seems to involve dirty tricks on the part of a government agency (very much along the lines of Suicide Squad).

So one of the only likable heroes, Stargirl, is treated like a cheerleader. Hawkman is unrecognizable as a rage-filled beast. Katana seems to be channeling Elric. Green Arrow is a foul-up. Martian Manhunter is downright scary. Vibe is likable but somewhat inept. Catwoman is just here to provide cleavage. Green Lantern is absent.

The team is planning to infiltrate a mysterious society of bad guys so they hatch a plan to send Catwoman undercover. Their plan is amazingly lame - so, of course, it works. Sorta.

Look, the art by David Finch is very good, and the dialogue by Geoff Johns is sharp - but it's just difficult to get behind a team that doesn't seem to want to be together - why should we care?

I'm amazed that Johns can create a strong Justice League comic - and a Justice League of America comic that just seems to be going through the motions.

Grade: B-


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