Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Executive Assistant: Assassins #10

It's surprising to realize that Executive Assistant: Assassins is the only ongoing title Aspen publishes.

The company has quite a few titles on its roster, of course, and Fathom has been published in a number of mini-series over the years - but this title is the only regular comic they publish.

It follows the dark adventures of a group of beautiful women trained to be the perfect assassins-for-hire. Each woman is named for a different flower (Rose, Iris, Aster and Ivy, for example).

But just because they're in the same business doesn't mean they all get along - in fact, this issue wraps up "Executive Extinction" - a war against the organization.

And as you'd expect from a war, there are casualties.

The story by Vince Hernandez would be a bit of a challenge for new readers - there are lots of characters running around and it's not always clear who we should be rooting for. But my biggest complaint is that we get to the end of this five-issue storyline with no real resolution.

The art by Jordan Gunderson and Charlie Mok is good, with clear depictions of each character (not always easy, since they're all beautiful women dressed in (mostly) black.

Like most of the series, this issue offers lots of action and destruction... but the story could use some tweaking.

Grade: B


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