Monday, April 22, 2013

Savage Wolverine #4

I'm assuming that Marvel approached artist / writer Frank Cho sometime last year and said, "Here's a truckload of money. What project would you like to do for Marvel?"

His reply was apparently, "A series that includes lots of savage action with Wolverine, some beautiful, scantily-clad women (to include Shanna the She-Devil), dinosaurs, a mysterious island, gorillas, some guest stars and a galactic menace.

To which Marvel said, "Sounds great." (The same answer anyone would good sense would provide.)

And it is.

The fourth issue os Savage Wolverine arrived right on schedule and included all of the above. It's a fun (if slightly wacky) story that mixes all those elements with Cho's usual stunning artwork.

There's quite a bit of mayhem and dismemberment, so this probably isn't a comic for kids - but most comics fans will love it.

Grade: A-


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