Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jirni #1

So the other night I caught the Independent Lens program on PBS that focused on "Wonder Women" (superheroines in comics and their effect on real women) and one of the points made in the program was that there weren't very many female heroes in the comics.

And while that's been true through most of comics history, I suspect that right now, there are more female-centric comics than any time since (perhaps) the 1950s.

And perhaps the company that leads the way is Aspen Comics, as most of its line stars a female character in the leading role.

The latest addition to the lineup features another powerful woman - Jirni. (This issue is also part of Aspen's "10 for 10" promotion, which means this issue costs a buck.)

The title character seems to be a mix of the She-Hulk and Red Sonja, as she shows up in time to save an innocent victim from a terrible fate, as she faces down a small army of barbaric warriors.

The story's a bit spare, but it manages to introduce us to our leading characters, provides some backstory, a tantalizing hint as to the mystery behind Jirni's appearance and powers, and introduces the big bad she'll have to face eventually.

I like the art by Paolo Pantalena, which has some strong Bart Sears influences going on - so you can expect powerful characters, rich artwork and wonderful, expressive characters.

So it's a good start for this new series from writer J.T. Krul, and a great jumping-on spot for this new series.

And if you're looking for a comic about strong female characters (who do their fighting in skimpy armor) look no further.

Grade: B+


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