Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nova #3

So far (and somewhat to my surprise), Nova is an entertaining comic.

Oh, it's not perfect - but it's hitting some sweet notes as it sets up this new version of Marvel's space-based hero.

Writer Jeph Loeb does this by a simple plot device: we're learning about the hero at the same time as the title character, whose name is Sam Alexander.

So this Nova is a teenage boy who has received his helmet (and the costume) from his father, who was apparently a former member of the Supernova Corps.

Any student needs a teacher (or two), and the instruction here is provided by Guardians of the Galaxy stars Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, and they provide a nice balance between funny and deadly serious.

I like Rocket fine, he's (it's) a great character and I suspect he's (it's) going to be very popular after the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hits.

But the character I've always liked is Gamora, the Galaxy's Most Dangerous Woman. Created by Jim Starlin during his classic original run on Warlock, Gamora was a figure of mystery. Extremely capable, beautiful and a deadly threat, she was trained by Thanos and played an important role in Warlock's adventures.

I'm not sure why I took an immediate liking to her - her personality is minimal - but I loved the Starlin design, with her green skin, her cutout tights and exotic eye makeup.

She's tough as nails and incredibly capable, so she's always a good character to have around. But Nova finds her to be a particularly tough tutor.

So, a fun story, with terrific, over-the-top art by Ed McGunniess and Dexter Vines, the return of some familiar faces (including a genuinely surprising group of bad guys), and you have a comic that's mighty entertaining.


Grade: A-


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