Friday, April 19, 2013

Justice League #19

It's time for one of those "set things up for the next event" issues, and few do those better than writer Geoff Johns.

So this issue of Justice League has a mysterious intruder in the Bat Cave, a secret mission for Wonder Woman and Superman, the first day on the job for two new members of the team, a confrontation between the "big three" about a certain budding relationship, and a shocking appearance on that final page.

So lots going on, and some terrific art by Ivan Reis (though as always I'm not crazy about the inking being handled by a trio instead of a single). He especially has fun with a fantasy sequence at the beginning.

And... there's not much else to tell (at least not without giving too much away).

As always, this comic is well written, with strong characterization and plenty of surprises. It's definitely one of the best of the ever-less-accurately-named "New 52."

Heck, even these "setup" issues are fun. Recommended!

Grade: A-


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