Saturday, April 20, 2013

Captain America #6

It's been a lot of fun to follow the growth of the artist John Romita, Jr.

When he first broke into the business his style was very much along the clean, classic lines of his father (John Romita, natch) and John Buscema.

But over the years he's developed his own, unique style, building on his classic start. His work has taken a more harsh, realistic edge with perhaps some influences by Frank Miller and Jack Kirby - but there's no denying he's become a tremendous talent and one of the top talents in the industry.

So it's great to see him doing such outstanding work on Captain America, taking the hero into a harsh alien world that leave him terribly battered and bruised, but defiant in his efforts to fight back against the plans of the living robot Arnim Zola.

It's surprisingly grim tale for the red-white-and-blue hero, and Rick Remender's story is pushing Cap into desperate actions.

I've enjoyed the story so far, although I admit I'm hoping it's near the end - great art or not, after six months it's time to wrap this up and get on to the next story. (In my humble opinion, that is.)

I know, the style now it to tell these elongated tales that run on and on for months - but it's still nice to see an ending ever so often.

But let me hastily add - here's hoping the creative team sticks around!

Grade: B+


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