Thursday, April 18, 2013

Age of Ultron #6

I have to admit that I'm starting to worry about this series.

That's because the solution the team has arrived at involves time travel, and that's a dangerous road to travel - because it can present a too-easy solution to every problem.

Your loved one got killed? Go back in time and change the past! Wish you had money? Go back in time and win the lottery! Hey, let's kill Hitler! (Sorry, Doctor Who reference.)

So that's the minefield this series is tackling, and it reaches a pivotal point here - of course, it remains to be seen how it all works out. Writer Brian Michael Bendis is a solid craftsman, but he's going to have to do some mighty clever stuff to make this all work out properly.

The art is a bit of a letdown from the work up to now by Bryan Hitch. The usually-excellent Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco split the duties this time around, and while the work is good, it feels like it was a rushed job - both are capable of much better work than this.

Here's hoping that my fears are groundless and Bendis is about to pull a plot twisting rabbit out of his hat. (Wouldn't that be something!)

Here's hoping!

Grade: B+



Anonymous said...

I thought they made a big deal about waiting for so long to publish this mini until Hitch got everything drawn...? And now this?

Chuck said...

Pete, of course, now they're saying that the change in artists was all part of the plan. Seems dubious to me. Hitch did get the series off to an amazing start, though.