Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wolverine and the X-Men #26

I think it was a terrible idea to give Wolverine an origin.

The character works much better with a mysterious background - but the mini-series Origins spelled it all out - and serves as the basis for this issue's story.

It centers on flashbacks provided by Logan's brother named Dog (you read that correctly), as he recounts his miserable life and his attempts to track down his brother.

You won't see much of the characters that fall under the "and the X-Men" part of the title - this is a Wolverine story.

Jason Aaron's story is fine, as it rambles across some familiar territory via flashbacks, but the modern-day stuff takes a decidedly weird turn - one that's mightly hard to swallow.

I like the art by Ramon Perez, as he uses an interesting, washed-out painting style for the flashbacks - and his style for the modern adventure has an interesting, Will Eisner-influenced look.

But the issue never really comes together, and just leaves us wondering why someone thought it was a good idea to create a character named "Dog."

Grade: C


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