Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fantastic Four #5

I love the way life throws little surprises at you.

For example, I recently attended an excellent community theatre production of Shakespeare's Richard III. Just days before, they discovered the bones of the real-life Richard under a parking lot.

This week, I attended another excellent community theatre production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Then I picked up the latest issue of Fantastic Four, which features an appearance by mighty Caesar himself. Needless to say, I'm impressed with the PR efforts of these local theatre groups.

But I digress. This issue features an excellent story by Matt Fraction (although I thought the Four were off on a trip to explore other worlds, not all of time and space. Ah well, maybe they got bored.

It's a clever, literate story with some surprising twists and turns along the way, and a smart science fiction angle.

The art by Mark Bagley and Mark Farmer continues to excel, capturing the spectacle and the emotion of the story perfectly.

There was some concern about the new creative team keeping up the standards the series set under Jonathan Hickman.

I'm happy to report: they're doing just fine, thanks.

Grade: A-


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