Friday, March 15, 2013

Batman #18

The recent shocking death in the Bat-family continues to echo through this issue of Batman - and surprisingly, the issue seems to be introducing the replacement for the character who died.

So much for a period of mourning, right?

All that aside, this is the first issue of Batman since the beginning of the "New 52" that just manages to be average.

The art by Andy Kubert (Chapter 1) and Alex Maleev (Chapter 2) is outstanding, although the two styles don't really go together at all - Kubert's is all energy and angst, while Maleev is mood and emotion.

But the script by Scott Snyder doesn't have the complexity we've become accustomed to - instead, it's a thin tale about Batman taking out his violent anger on a bunch of hapless crooks, and an attempt by a friend to bring him back down to Earth.

It's no doubt setting up future storylines, but there's not much meat on the bones for this issue.

Hopefully the next issue will get this series back on to the high standards we've been spoiled by for the previous 17 issues.

Grade: B-


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