Monday, March 18, 2013

Shrugged #1

A classic bit has been used in cartoons and live-action films to indicate the eternal conflict between our good and bad side.

Traditionally it's been represented by a tiny angel on one shoulder and a tiny devil on the other. They argue, they debate, they fight - it's all in good fun.

And now we have a comic book that bases the entire concept around that idea.

In the second volume of Shrugged (and I should admit that I missed the first mini-series) we meet young Theo, a high school senior who has a guardian angel named Ange looking over him and a devil named Devonshire appealing to his base urges.

We don't get much more than an introduction here, though it's apparent that Theo is somehow able to wield the powers of either angel or demon in times of stress - and judging by the final page, he's got lots of stress on the way.

The art is by Jonathan Marks and Micah Gunnell. It's very good - a nice combination of good girl stylings and more comedic moments.

The story is by Frank Mastromauro - it mostly sets up the concept, though it throws in some events in what appears to be a different dimension (presumably the home of the angel and demon, but it isn't explained at all). Since I'm new to the story, I felt like I needed a little more help understanding where the angels and demons came from and why they're tied to Theo - but perhaps future issues will clear that up.

This issue is the latest in the "10 for 10" series, and costs a mere dollar - and it well worth checking out, especially at that price.

Grade: B


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