Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Star Wars #3

I have to say, I'm still a bit puzzled by this new Star Wars series.

On the one hand, I'm delighted that it picks up where the first film left off: the Death Star has just been destroyed, the Rebels are searching for a new base and dealing with a spy, Darth Vader is facing the repercussions of his failure during the Battle for Yavin, and Han Solo is off on a mysterious mission.

I'm puzzled because the story by Brian Wood continues to move at a slow, methodical pace, with a few bursts of action and adventure. The spy story isn't compelling, the budding romance between Luke Skywalker and another X-Wing pilot seems to come out of left field, Han's mission seems vague (does he shoot a guy in the back because he doesn't trust him?) and Vader is mostly on the fringes so far.

But despite that - I'm really enjoying this comic. For one thing, it has the voice of the characters down, and I'm so happy to see them in action again that I can forgive all the setup we've been going through. Also, the last couple of pages indicate that our patience is about to pay off.

The art by Carlos D'Anda is very good, with dynamic layouts and good (if not quite spot-on) depictions of the main characters. The cover by Alex Ross is terrific!

I do appreciate the efforts to keep the stories not only in the "real world" (of Star Wars, that is), but to make it a logical follow-up to that original film.

Whether you buy it for nostalgia or for love of the characters, there's a lot to like in this series.

Grade: B+


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