Friday, February 22, 2013

Nova #1

I should admit up front that I liked the original version of Nova.

Liked. Not loved.

The original concept was (in my eyes) an attempt to create a new Spider-Man (sympathetic teenage kid who gains powers, has a sense of humor) by way of Green Lantern (hero gains powers from a mysterious alien who's part of a galactic peacekeeping force).

But it never really clicked, and Nova drifted in and out of the limelight for decades. The most recent version enjoy some success, but then was (apparently) killed in battle with Thanos (but Starlord was also apparently "killed," and he seems to be back among the living (tune in next week for more of that), but the fate of that Nova remains to be seen.

Which brings us to the new version. We know up front that the art is going to be excellent, with Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines providing big, bold and beautifully rendered action.

The question is: which Jeph Loeb would show up? The one who's turned in great scripts in the past, or the one who, well... didn't?

Good news! The answer is "A" (so far). He spins a story that provides a surprising back story for young Sam Alexander, a teenager growing up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. His father seems to be a loser - the school janitor - but he may hold a greater secret.

Some bits of the timeline seem to be a bit off (considering two of the heroes featured in a flashback), but the concept is a solid one, and it's a very promising start.

If the story pans out, we should find ourselves with a new hero who happens to be a sympathetic teen with extraordinary powers - and a sense of humor.

It's just crazy enough to work!

Grade: A


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