Thursday, February 21, 2013

Justice League #17

The final issue of the "Throne of Atlantis" event brings with it some changes in the status quo for the Justice League.

Up to this point, the team has refused to change the lineup or add new members (apparently the one time they broke that rule, things went badly - but that's a story waiting to be told).

But when they face a menace that's too big even for the powerhouse members of the League, they're forced to recruit help - and those characters will (apparently) form the basis of the new team, the Justice League of America (we'll review that issue in a couple of days).

The battle comes to a head here, as secret plans are revealed, confrontations result, and Boston faces destruction.

It's a strong story by Geoff Johns paired with excellent art by Ivan Reis (with three pages provided by Paul Pellietier).

Johns has a good reputation for managing events like this, and he can add this one to the list. The ending may be a bit too convenient, but it moves both this series and Aquaman's own into some interesting directions.

The League is getting bigger - it remains to be seen if it's getting better. Here's hoping!

Grade: A-


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