Saturday, February 23, 2013

Justice League of America #1

And now, a new Justice League book, one that doesn't star any of the major heroes featured over in Justice League - but this is the Justice League of America.

It strikes me as a book that's doomed to fail, despite having top-notch creators working on it. It's written by Geoff Johns, one of DC's best, and it's drawn by David Finch, one of the best in DC's lineup.

But the issue just feels terribly dysfunctional. It's devoted to the classic "first issue of a new team" theme: putting the band together.

The focus is on Amanda Waller (looking much more model-like than the original version, I'm sorry to say) and Steve Trevor assembling a team that will work for the United States, and - if necessary - defend the nation against super-powered menaces, whether villains of heroes.

The crucial thing for any team is that it has to get along - and there doesn't seem to be much chance of that with this lineup: Hawkman (who's apparently a killer - what a shameful treatment for a great character), Katana (ditto), Catwoman (a thief), Vibe (a mystery so far), Martian Manhunter (who left the "original" Justice League under harsh terms), Stargirl (a pop idol), the newest Green Lantern (accused of being a criminal) and Green Arrow (who at least has his own TV show now).

So a mixed batch, and no real connection between any of them. Who will be the leader? Where will they be based? Why should they work together?

All those questions will have to wait for future issues. Hopefully there's a clever plan that will bring this group together and have them working like a team - but I'm afraid this first issue felt more like a manufactured event than a natural gathering.

Here's hoping this all works out well - but at the moment, I'm dubious.

Grade: B


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