Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aquaman #15

Most comics crossovers tend to be a bit of a mess in terms of continuity, which is mostly the result of the attempt to coordinate different writers and artists over the course of several months.

So far that isn't a problem with the "Throne of Atlantis" story that's weaving back and forth between Aquaman and Justice League - and that's because the same writer is telling the story.

Geoff Johns set it up in JL as Atlantis is attacked by an American aircraft carrier (though there is some deviltry afoot) and retaliates with a devastating attack on the East Coast.

That places Aquaman in the middle - will he fight against Atlantis or side with the undersea kingdom against the surface dwellers?

It's a fast-moving story, loaded with revelations about Aquaman's past and some surprising choices by the King of the Sea.

The art is by Paul Pelletier, who's a very good superhero artist - his work only suffers slightly in comparison to Ivan Reis, who provided the art on the first 14 issues of this comic. But that's being picky.

So far, this is building nicely - and there's an interesting twist on the final page.

I don't always follow crossovers. I buy certain issues, but I won't pick up others just because a story branches out into other titles. Luckily I follow both this comic and JL, so I'll be able to keep up with this one.

And so far, this series is definitely worth hanging with.

Grade: A-



Glen Davis said...

I can't give this as high a grade, because I'm not reading the JLA half of the crossover, nor will I.

Chuck said...

Glen, you just don't like the Justice League in general or is there another reason?

Glen Davis said...

I really haven't been too impressed with the current DC direction. Aquaman is the only DC title I get, and I haven't seen anything to warrant getting any more.