Friday, December 28, 2012

Justice League #15

There are moments when I think I've been reading comics too long.

(I know. Crazy thought, right?)

What brings these thoughts on is when I read a comic and I think, "Haven't I read this story before?"

So I read this issue of Justice League, and enjoyed it - it's loaded with lots of big, hoo-hah-type action, nice character moments, some solid revelations and a good setup for the "Throne of Atlantis" crossover event that will play through this title and Aquaman (more on that tomorrow).

This issue begins a war between Atlantis and the East Coast (stretching from Boston to Metropolis), with the Justice League facing an overwhelming menace.

In other words, the usual strong work by Geoff Johns. But my first reaction after reading it was to think, "Fantastic Four Annual #1."

That classic Lee & Kirby issue in the '60s featured Prince Namor leading the warriors of Atlantis into a devastating attack against New York City.

Of course, only the basic idea is the same - so it's really not fair to saddle this issue with the stigma of swiping (and there have been plenty of "Atlantis Attacks" stories) - but I can't help but make the connection.

I should add that the art is by new regular penciler Ivan Reis, and it's terrific - powerful layouts, great character designs, dynamic storytelling - I hate to see him leave Aquaman, but I'm happy to see him taking on this title.

So, great comic, outstanding art, highly recommended - even if it feels a little familiar.

Grade: A-


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