Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mara #1

I have to admit I knew nothing about this comic (one of the few published this holiday week), but when I saw it was written by Brian Wood, I figured it would be well worth picking up.

And I was right!

Mara is an interesting story set in a future world that is obsessed by two things: sports and war.

The sports star known as Mara is the Michael Jordan of the wildly popular sport of volleyball, and (like him) her fame has translated into stardom in other venues. But then a strange event occurs during a game - and her life may never be the same.

I can't say much more without giving too much away. It's a story that's very different, and we're just getting the start of the story here - but if you're looking for a story that's more science fiction than superhero, this is a good place to be.

The art by Ming Doyle is original - stark and sketchy, but a great match for the story spooling out here. A bit rough around the edges, but very compelling.

So this is a comic that's not for everyone - but as always, Wood creates a story that mystifies (in a good way) and commands your attention.

Grade: B+


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