Sunday, November 11, 2012

Iron Man #1

While Iron Man has spent a lot of time as a second-tier character at Marvel, that all changed when the first film became a big hit.

Suddenly the focus was on Tony Stark, and he was (for the most part) treated well during a long run under writer Matt Fraction.

But it's time for a "soft reboot" with a new creative team and a new issue #1, this time with writer Kieron Gillen at the controls.

Gillen has also been pretty hit-and-miss with me, and while it's early in the story, so far... this one's a miss.

It picks up with Tony in his role as a playboy, flirting with a beautiful blonde while Pepper Potts steams nearby. He rushes away when he learns about the return of an old threat (one that may have ties to the new Iron Man 3 movie, you'll be shocked to hear).

But it's all cut-and-dried - there's little of the (now) trademark Stark quick wit, no emotional tie to a brutal death - Tony seems to be sleepwalking through the adventure.

The art is by Greg Land and Jay Leisten, and as always I'm conflicted. Land draws beautiful characters, has great layouts - but there's almost no storytelling going on here. Each panel could be a pretty photo, cut out and dropped into place. They don't flow together, they don't seem connected at all. Pretty to look at, but they don't seem to be working together.

So a disappointing new start for this series. Here's hoping for better things from the creative team.

Grade: B-


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