Saturday, November 10, 2012

AvX: Consequences #5 (of 5)

It's become traditional for every "Event" book to be followed by a series (or series of one-shots) that resolves some or all of the loose ends left behind.

That would be fine to justify AvX: Consequences, but let's face it, it's really just an excuse to mine another $20 out of the pockets of fans.

The focus is on Cyclops and the other former members of the Phoenix Five, all of whom are being sought (and treated as criminals) because they had the misfortune to be controlled by a cosmic being. That'll help heal that rift between heroes and mutants.

As the only one who was actually captured, Cyclops has been through the mill - imprisoned in a hellish (and mysterious) prison, he sees another prisoner (a mutant) killed by brutal inmates.

And keep in mind, this is the prison Captain America sent him to - it conveniently allows heroes like Iron Man and Wolverine to pop in and question (or threaten) Cyclops, but provides no protection for the mutant who almost destroyed the world.

We're supposed to buy the changes in these characters as they move to a darker place. Yeah, that always works.

So my advice is to pass on this one - the art is solid, but the story just rambles around and ends in a bad place, with heroes acting completely out of character. Was this trip really necessary?

Grade: C


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