Monday, November 12, 2012

Earth 2 #6

I understand that the traditional model for a super-team isn't in keeping with modern storytelling.

In other words, the idea that the members of a team will get along or even like working together is a thing of the past.

At least that appears to be the idea behind Earth 2, as we see the former Justice Society of America reforming with "updated" versions of each hero.

But while a little dysfunction or rancor can be entertaining, here writer James Robinson seems to be taking it to extremes.

For example: the Atom is in the military and under orders to capture the other heroes; Hawkgirl is abrasive and secretive; the Flash seems somewhat slow on the uptake; Mr. Terrific is apparently a bad guy now; and Green Lantern alternates between being forceful and clever and being egotistical and rude.

With the exception of Hawkgirl and Flash (and we're not even sure about them), no one wants to work together, much less be on the same team - so it makes it difficult to get behind the (so far unnamed) group. Oh, and we're half-a-year into this series.

The art, however, is quite good. Nicola and Trevor Scott (are they related?) provide strong layouts, great character work and lively action sequences.

The idea of an Earth trying to survive in the wake of a devastating war (with an even more deadly attack being foreshadowed) has promise, but so far the only character we can sympathize with is the Flash.

That's a low total for what seems to be a team book.

Hopefully future events will justify hanging with this series, but right now, the only thing to recommend it is the art.

Grade: B


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