Friday, November 9, 2012

Action Comics #14

One of the big traps many Superman writers fall into is that they focus on his physical powers.

The good writers - like Grant Morrison in this issue - also shine a light on his intelligence.

For a good bit of Morrison's run on Action Comics he's been teasing a fast-approaching (and world-destroying) threat, and in this issue it arrives - on Mars.

Which is unfortunate for the manned mission that's establishing a base there.

Somehow Superman gets their alarm message and makes an amazingly-swift trip to Mars (a hint of the Silver Age version of our hero, perhaps?), where he faces the menace that only one other had ever stopped - his father, Jor-El.

One of the things I love about Morrison's version of the character is his self-confidence. He doesn't know how he'll stop the menace, but he knows his intelligence is up to the challenge.

The art is excellent, too. Rags Morales and Mark Propst have a fresh, dynamic style that's really appealing.

I should also mention the excellent and touching backup story by writer Sholly Fisch and artists Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, which includes a real-live celebrity (among fans of science).

Oh, there's a twist ending that seems to come out of left field - but that's a small quibble in an issue that's just packed with wonderful moments. This is still one of my favorites from the "New 52."

Grade: A


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