Monday, October 1, 2012

The Spider #5

The best compliment I can offer about this series devoted to The Spider is that it manages an excellent modern version of a pulp hero.

And they don't get much pulpier than this one, as thousands in New York face death (or have been killed) by a deadly gas that turns its victims into zombies.

Kudos to writer David Liss for crafting a strong story, a delightfully vicious menace and an evil mastermind who manages to be somewhat sympathetic, even while plotting mass murder.

The dialogue is a real delight, and The Spider's reactions are entertaining - he definitely isn't the normal breed of hero.

I like the art by Colton Worley, although there are a couple of panels that are a bit murky and difficult to follow. But his characters are well-crafted, the action scenes are great and he excels at depicting the faces of the characters. Solid work all around.

The Spider's always taken a back seat to pulp heroes like The Shadow and Doc Savage, but this series is a great step toward changing that and bringing him up to the front lines.

More like this, please!

Grade: A-


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