Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Idolized #2

I wasn't sure how this series would hold up for me, given my general dislike for reality television.

But so far, Idolized is holding my attention.

That's mostly because the story by David Schwartz offers a good balance between reality TV dramatics, a mysterious motive that compels the woman known as Joule, and the brief glimpses of her future.

The only problem is that the lead character isn't particularly likable. She doesn't interact with the other contestants much, so we only get the driven part of her personality - it would be nice to know more.

But, contrarily, I do like the mystery aspect of her backstory - the slow reveal there is very effective. (Of course, it's possible to provide character without spoiling her mysterious past.)

I do like the art by Micah Gunnell and Pasquale Qualano - it's loaded with energy, animation and angst. Some nice design work, strong layouts and sharp character designs, too.

This series is walking a fine line between melodrama and superhero action, and it's a heck of a balancing act - one step too far in either direction and it all falls down.

But so far, it's very entertaining. Which is more than I can say for most actual reality TV shows.

Grade: B+


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