Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guest Review: Rose and the Thorn #1

Our man Glen Davis is back with another guest review - this time looking to one of the newest additions to DC's ever-expanding "New 52."

Being a fan of Showcase and First Issue Special, I was enthusiastic about the advent of National Comics, where DC introduces us to an updated character with a one-shot comic, which also provides the seeds for a whole new series if the concept catches on with an audience.

Unfortunately, with Rose and the Thorn, the execution is lacking. I don't believe that any of the three characters introduced so far are going to go anywhere, despite having some name talent working on them.

Rose and Thorn is a character with origins in the Golden Age. Then a villainess for the Jay Garrick version of The Flash, she was thought cured and married Green Lantern Alan Scott, and they had two children that would later become Infinity Inc. members, Jade and Obsidian.

Later, created in the 1970s, Rhosyn "Rose" Forrest was a split personality vigilante, who fought in her Thorn persona while the Rose personality was asleep.

And now DC goes to the well again.

The book opens promisingly enough, with a little bit of mystery and pathos, but all too soon becomes cliche-ridden to the point of distraction.

Both Rose and Thorn are basically checklists of "nice" and "naughty" attributes. Indeed, only one character, Rose's best friend, is not a complete stereotypical caricature, and even in that case, it's a close thing.

Can't recommend this at all. It's a lot cheaper just to watch the 1990s Aerosmith videos with Alicia Silverstone.

Grade: D

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