Monday, October 8, 2012

Fairest #8

I have to confess that I was about ready to drop this series.

I enjoyed the six-issue story arc that started Fairest, but I've never read more than a few issues of Fables, so I feel like I'm always trying to catch up and figure out who all the characters are.

So I wasn't going to pick up this issue - but just couldn't bring myself to pass up this one after seeing that terrific cover by Adam Hughes (not the first time I've been lured into a purchase by his terrific art).

And I'm glad I did! It focuses on Rapunzel, who suffers under an unusual affliction - her hair grows at an alarming rate. That forces her to stay hidden from the "real" world - but a shocking (and quite unusual) attack forces her out of hiding - and right into the middle of a fight for her life.

It's an interesting story so far by author Lauren Beukes, and excellent art by Inaki Miranda - with creative, unique layouts and expressive characters. One double-splash page I would almost have sworn was drawn by Neal Adams.

It's just the first chapter of this story, but it's a good start to an unusual (and adult) story.

And have I mentioned the cover?

Grade: B+


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