Sunday, October 7, 2012

Earth 2 #5

So I continue to be somewhat torn about the Earth 2 series.

I've always liked the Justice Society of America, and I can tolerate the idea of rebooting these classic heroes (which so far includes the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, the Atom and maybe the Sandman), but the new setting for the comic is, well, depressing.

It's set on an alternate Earth where the planet has been devastated by an attack from Apokolips (finally repulsed, but at the cost of the lives of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) and now faces death from the mysterious menace of The Grey, which is led by the monstrous Grundy.

It's a good action series, the story by James Robinson is solid - but it's all unrelentingly dark and grim - which runs counter to the optimistic, friends-and-family version of the JSA we've enjoyed in past decades.

The art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott is quite good, with strong layouts and good character designs (except for the new Green Lantern costume, which isn't growing on me at all).

So it's pretty solid superhero team action, but still no emotional connection and the setting is dismal - so this book still has some work to do to win me over.

I like it enough to stick with it for now - but only just.

Grade: B



Glen Davis said...

It seems like a better strategy might have been to make Earth 2 a friendlier place than earth 1, to provide a contrast, maybe get a Quisp/Quake type deal going on.

Chuck said...

I like it! It just seems a bit tired that the alternant Earths always have to be much, much worse than our reality. See Marvel's Ultimate universe as an example, and almost every alternate reality created in recent memory.