Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homecoming #2

The first issue of this series was an interesting mix of Buffy and science fiction, as a mysterious girl (Celeste) with strange powers appears, takes her place at a normal high school, and finds herself and her new friends in the middle of a fight with a monstrous alien.

A typical first day of school.

But the sophomore episode of Homecoming seems to be struggling a bit.

That's because, in the aftermath of the alien attack, four friends were gravely injured, and in curing them, Celeste has given them alien powers, too.

Which might sound like an interesting beginning for a new super-team, but the powers that we're shown in this issue are just kind of... ordinary.

It doesn't help that the issue mostly consists of the teens standing around talking about events, and a strange (and mostly unexplained) alien encounter.

The art by Emilio Laiso is quite good - expressive with strong layouts.

Look, this series is still setting things up, so it's not fair to judge the title by this chapter - hopefully the next issue will get things back on track.

Grade: B-


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