Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fathom #4 (Vol. 4)

One of the interesting things about the comic Fathom is that it feels like it has a split personality.

You could say it's a science fiction / superhero tale about a strong heroine who is fighting against an mysterious and powerful group that has (apparently) killed three of her friends.

You could also say it's all about cheesecake, as Fathom spends the entire issue fighting for her life while wearing... well, I guess it's a bikini. She's sexy and poses provocatively while busting the bad guys upside their heads.

The comic benefits from strong artwork by Alex Konat and Cory Smith - they're not quite in Michael Turner's league yet, but they do a solid job continuing this title in a similar "good girl meets high tech" style.

The story by Scott Lobdell is a bit wobbly in places, as strange things happen, we learn about a quest for revenge, and a few surprises are thrown in - but it all seems to drag a bit.

Still, it's a pretty book to look at - and perhaps future issues will help it all make sense.

Grade: B


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