Monday, February 6, 2012

Dark Horse Presents #8

I really like Dark Horse Presents, but I admit that the price tag makes it a tough sell sometime.

At $7.99, it's a hefty price - but you do get the same number of pages that you would if you bought four normal comics for $12.

For me, the selling point is the content. The first few issues had new Concrete stories, and that's a good way to get me to pick it up. This time around, the issue actually has three stories that got my attention.

First, there's a new Hellboy story - sort of. It's actually a B.P.R.D. story, but it follows up on the most recent events in Hellboy's comic.

Second, there's a new Beasts of Burden story by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson, and they've once again woven a clever but haunting (and yes, scary) tale involving the dogs and a cat who protect the town of Burden from the supernatural.

Third, a new series starts in this issue, titled The Once & Future Tarzan, written by Alan Gordon with art by the excellent Thomas Yeates - as a big fan of ERB's ape-man (and Yeates), I wouldn't miss it.

None of that is to take away from the rest of the issue, which features fresh stories by the likes of Neal Adams, Mark Wheatley and Howard Chaykin.

This book is a great package - I need to stop being so cheap and make room in the budget for this one.

Grade: A-


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