Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Defenders #3

Since I was a big fan of The Defenders in its original version, I'm happy to report that - so far - I really like this version, too.

Part of that is the return of longtime favorites such as Dr. Strange, the Silver Surfer, Namor the Sub-Mariner and Iron Fist. I'm not as big a fan of the Red She-Hulk (did we really need another She-Hulk? Is Jen Walters over-utilized?), but she's used well here, so that's OK.

The series has kicked off by pitting the team against a powerhouse opponent, Nul, and thrown in some other old favorites, including the Knights of Wundagore and Prester John (you can count his Marvel appearances on one hand and have fingers left over).

Throw in some assorted weirdness and the fate of the universe hanging in the balance (and a reference to another beloved - and offbeat - Marvel comic), and you have one entertaining story by Matt Fraction.

The art certainly holds up its end of the deal, with Terry and Rachel Dodson providing lush, action-packed pages. Strong layouts, powerful heroes, beautiful women - what's not to like?

I especially enjoy the little touches, and find the notes on the bottom of many of the pages to be very funny.

Best of all, the opening storyline wraps up in this issue (at least I think it does) - it's nice to see a more compact adventure, rather than the standard stretched-out story that's so common today.

This is a fun, slightly off-center team book that's a lot of fun. Recommended!

Grade: A-



Glen Davis said...

Still no elf with a gun?

Chuck said...

No, but it does have that Gerber feel to it, so the elf might not be far away.