Sunday, November 6, 2011

Swamp Thing #3

It's funny that we're three issues into this series, but we still haven't actually seen the Swamp Thing.

He's appeared in flashbacks and on covers like this one that depict something that doesn't actually happen in the comic, but the creature itself hasn't shown up. Yet.

What we do see is a horror that's starting to show its power. This particular threat shows up in an unexpected form and with a somewhat surprising origin.

It's difficult to talk to much about the comic without giving away some important plot points, so suffice to say that some familiar faces show up here, give us a much-needed explanation for some of the horrific happenings, and brings matters closer to the inevitable confrontation.

Writer Scott Snyder is crafting a solid horror tale here, one that's a bit more Stephen King than Alan Moore. That's fine, as long as he can craft a solid ending.

The art is provided by two artists - Victor Ibanez and Yanick Paquette split up the pages, but there's no shocking break between their styles - they actually work together very well. Their art is dark and lush and evocative of the swamp. Great stuff here.

I'm enjoying this series and I'm anxious to see where it all goes from here. There have been too many Swamp Thing story arcs that did not stir up that feeling, so good for the new creative team.

Grade: A-


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