Monday, November 7, 2011

Fear Itself #7.1: Captain America

I picked this issue to review this week before I read it - and now I regret it.

Not because it's a great issue, and not because it's a bad issue (both can be fun to review for different reasons).

It's because it's going to be almost impossible to review without giving away key plot points. But since "no spoilers" is our credo at Chuck's Comic of the Day, I'm going to give it my best shot.

The story spills out of a key event in the Fear Itself series: the death of Captain America (the version played by Bucky Barnes).

We finally get to see the aftermath of that event, with special focus on Steve Rogers, Nick Fury and the Black Widow.

It's written by Ed Brubaker, who is laying the groundwork for stories into the year ahead, and it's drawn by Butch Guice, and I've really enjoyed his work on the Captain America series.

He has a gritty, realistic yet unique style - but you'll occasionally catch glimpses in his work of past influences, including Kirby, Steranko and others. I'm really looking forward to his next project coming up next year.

More than that, I can't say - but if you've been following Cap's comic for the past few years, you'll want to pick this up to bridge the gap into upcoming stories.

Not everyone will like this story - there are parts of it that just feel clunky and forced - but it covers some important ground, and offers some explanations that will make things clear in the months ahead.

Cautiously recommended.

Grade: B+

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